Two movements for tenor steelpan and chamber orchestra 2-1-2-bcl-2/2-2-2-1/perc(3)/harp/strings (20:00)
Supported by a grant from the Woodstock Chimes Fund, Garry and Diane Kvistad , presidents
Published by Meadow Music

An amiable, enjoyable novelty, then, rather than a work of great musical depth; as a showcase for (Liam) Teague's incredible virtuosity, however, it served the purpose. The audience exploded in cheers and whistles, refusing to let Teague leave the stage until he had given them a solo encore.
                                                                        John Von Rhein, Chicago Tribune

Bach's concerto was the evening's highlight.
                                                                Wynne Delacoma, Chicago Sun-Times

The first movement, "Reflections," is as lyrical as its title might indicate -- it's pleasant and eminently enjoyable. But in the second movement, "Toccata," things really perk up and get interesting. The music is appropriately calypso- and jazz-flavored, but Bach manages to let any number of other influences and traditions peek in.
                                                                     Sarah Bryan Miller, Chicago Reader

Three movements for trumpet soloist and wind ensemble (22:00)
Commissioned by the International Trumpet Guild
Orchestra or piano accompaniment also available.
Published by Meadow Music

This major work for C trumpet is certainly an important addition to the literature of the trumpet.
                                           Britton Theurer, International Trumpet Guild Journal

Three movements for tuba soloist and chamber orchestra (22:00)
Commissioned by Jay Hunsberger and the Florida West Coast Symphony
Alternate symphonic Band or piano accompaniment also available
Published by ITEA Press

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