FANFARE AND FUGUE for five trumpets

Program Notes by the Composer, 2/10/96

The Fanfare and Fugue was written in 1979, as the climax to a period of creative activity that also included the Canon and Caccia for five French horns, the Concert Variations for euphonium and piano, and the Quintet for Tuba and String Quartet, as well as several works intended for instruments other than brass. It was a commission by the International Trumpet Guild, and was premiered at the 1980 ITG convention.

The work is cast in two connected movements: a ternary (three-part) form based on a fanfare motive in the outer sections, with a more introspective and lyrical muted middle section; and a five-voice fugue whose subject is stated by all five instruments in unison, which break up into individual voices for their various entrances throughout the piece, and are then combined again for a short recurrence of the initial fanfare motive as the conclusion of the piece.